Vibrotactile Score


Despite the plethora of vibrotactile applications that already have begun to impact our everyday life, how to design vibrotactile patterns easily and efficiently remains to be a challenge. In this paper, we introduce a vibrotactile score, a metaphor of the musical score for designing vibrotactile patterns, with its design adapted from two common musical scores (piano score and guitar tablature). Another metaphorical feature analogous to the musical clef, vibrotactile clef, is also conceived to guarantee the process of composing vibrotactile patterns decoupled from the process of considering the signal-level characteristics of generated vibration. The conceptual design of vibrotactile score and clef are fully embodied in a graphical authoring tool named Vibrotactile Score Editor (VibScoreEditor). We demonstrate the expressiveness of the VibScoreEditor in several examples of vibrotactile pattern design. The software usability of the VibScoreEditor was also experimentally evaluated, focusing on its learnability, efficiency, and user preference. The results validated the substantially superior performance of the VibScoreEditor compared to the conventional ways of designing vibrotactile patterns such as programming or scripting. The vibrotactile score is an intuitive and efficient means that significantly facilitates vibrotactile pattern design.



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